Martin Laking

Martin Laking


I have been in the Chiropractic business since 1999. In my younger days, my first occupation was farming, and my first experience of chiropractic was for treatment for low back pain as a result of the constant heavy lifting and twisting I did every day on the farm. Having time off when you work on a farm is not an option, and I was so impressed with the results and the benefits I received from my chiropractor that I decided to be one!! I have found every minute of meeting and treating people exciting and the results gained through chiropractic using my hands exhilarating.

My first 2 years I worked in a large Chiropractic Clinic in Salisbury. I then joined my wife in the Bournemouth Clinic only part-time because I had bought an existing clinic in Fordingbridge, that has now been in existence for over 50 years!

My youngest patient is 7 hours old and my oldest is 90yrs old. I have a personal interest in spitfires. I built one with a few others, and I now fly it to airshows, and for fun. My son also has the passion for planes and is now an Airline Pilot.


MSc Chiropractic

MSc Chiropractic (Paediatrics)

DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors (Paediatrics) FRCC

Member of the Scottish Chiropractic Association

Member of the United Chiropractic Association

Registered with the General Chiropractic Council

Award: Patient Partnership Quality Mark Award 1999-2018

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